This Motorcycle Life

Riding Two Up on Two Wheels

On the back of the bike,
we give into gravity’s downward pull
lean into the curve,
pass the warning signs then
fly by the crooked wooden cross,
avert our eyes -- 
give the finger to death and
                                    ride on -- 

~ Jeanice Eagan Davis

This is about living the motorcycle life:

From the best (and worst) of motorcycling, camping, and traveling; to the daily commute to work, no matter what the weather.

Motorcycling is an affordable, adventurous way to see America, whether you tour locally, or glide past the state line to see the rest of our great country.

The ideas and opinions on this site will come from both the front (Tim) and the back seat (Jeanice), giving readers a fuller view.

Traveling by motorcycle opens up the world. Not only are you out in the elements, closer to the natural world -- the views are amazing from the back of a bike -- but locals and fellow travelers are curious about folks traveling two-up on a bike laden with camping gear.  Is that even possible? Yes, and we will attempt to show you how. 

While we do not claim to be experts, as motorcycle enthusiasts, we will share tips, based on our own experiences, on motorcycle rides, camping, gear, places to see, stay, and avoid, as well as some basic maintenance tips.

We plan to be a bit off-beat, because everyone should leave the paved road every once in awhile, and see the backroads and byways of America.

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